We believe everyone should have the the opportunity and the ability to live well.


What We do

Our mission is to equip youth and adults with the key resources necessary for thriving in the communities in which they live.

Our Approach


Youth + Adults = Community

This is our guiding equation at Community Strong. It’s simple math, but complex work. We believe a strong community is able to provide resources, key tools, and support to both parts that make up our community.

Our approach is modeled after this equation. Using evidence-based best practices, we have developed programs that will be geared towards investing in the most essential parts of our community. Our main programs will be:

  • Youth Mentoring Program
  • Adult Getting Ahead Program

Supporting the essential components of our community is paramount. If one part lacks resources, key tools, or support our community suffers.

All of our programs are geared towards increasing and building these components. We are truly better together than on our own. Together we can build a stronger community.