We believe empowering all adults is critical in building a strong community.


Adults are the decision makers in their own lives, in their families, and in their communities. They guide the present and greatly impact the future.

Dr. Ruby K. Payne and Philip E. Devol from Aha! Process created a program designed to empower adults who wanted more out of life and wanted to build a better future.

Having evidence based success, they allowed the very first participants of this program to name it: Getting Ahead: in a Just-Gettin’-By World

Let’s talk about Getting Ahead


Getting Ahead is about building your resources for a better life. Its about getting ahead from where we are now, toward a future that we really want.

Thousands of people nationally and internationally have already used this learning experience to take charge of their future. Many Getting Ahead graduates have stabilized their lives and built their financial, educational, and social resources.

In Getting Ahead, the participants are the experts regarding their own lives and are given the key tools necessary to unlock their futures as they co-investigate with other participants and the course facilitator.

Course details
  • Each course operates for 8 weeks
  • Twice a week sessions (According to participants schedules)
  • 6-12 participants per course

Getting Ahead participants are paid $25 each session during the course. Thats right, we pay you!

Why? Because we are invested in you and our community.

You are taking time out of your schedule twice a week to build a better future. We want to invest in those efforts.

We also want to invest in our community. As we co-investigate, we want to learn about the obstacles in our community, the barriers, and the silos so that we can:

  • Increase success personally
  • Effectively improve our community
  • Accurately build a stronger community

Getting Ahead is about building economic stability for ourselves, but that requires a deeper commitment than just offering financial literacy training.

We want to be an organization that provides necessary tools, resources, and support to those we work in our Getting Ahead program.

If you are interested in signing up for an upcoming Getting Ahead course or for receiving more information, please email us!