We believe that enterprises steer our community.


Enterprises like small businesses, corporations, universities, public and private schools, and departments of local government guide and decide the direction of the community in which they operate.


Enterprises are comprised of individuals and interact with individuals on a daily basis.

Most successful enterprise are made up of individuals from different class structures.

Some consist of only those in middle class, others only working poor, and others only individuals in wealth class. There are talents, perspectives, and resources that come from each side.

Enterprises that partner and interact with all sides effectively will be most successful long-term and also play an essential role in building a strong community.

Let’s talk Bridges out of Poverty


We offer training and support for all enterprises in learning how to increase their capacity for addressing the complex issue of poverty in our communities and how to increase their capacity for success overall.

Bridges out of Poverty is a framework that has been used as a working model for breaking down silos in our community, increasing effective communication, and bridging the gaps that are created by economic class.

It is designed for service providers and businesses whose daily work connects them with people in poverty.

Bridges out of Poverty has been implemented across the country in businesses, universities, local government and state government to:

  • Build skill sets for management in guiding employees
  • Redesign programs to better serve clients, students, and customers
  • Improve treatment outcomes in healthcare and behavioral health care
  • Upgrade training for front-line staff (case workers, managers, receptionists)

If your business, agency, institution, or organization works with people from different economic classes, Bridges out of Poverty is for you.

We want to help create bridges of understanding to increase effective partnerships and to create more opportunities for success.

If you are interested in scheduling a Bridges out of Poverty presentation for your enterprise or would like more information, please email us!