Invest in our mission

We don’t look at our donors through the traditional development lense.



Poverty is a complex issue, and to decrease it in our communities requires all hands on deck.

It also requires a continuum of understanding, acknowledging that poverty is relative to circumstance, known quantities, and expectation.


Those who support Community Strong through financial donations are partners. 

One person, or a single organization, cannot solve the complex issues of a community. Likewise, one person or single organization falls short in successfully creating the type of community we aspire to see. It will take many partnerships to achieve both.


We want our partners to feel confident about their return on their investments in solving the complex issues in our community and in creating the type of community they envision.

We want to communicate the impact they are making in the community through our partnership together.

Our goal is to use our measurements of impact (MOI) to communicate how they are:

  • Empowering individuals
  • Increasing capacity to have greater impact
  • Building real solutions in the community

We hope our partners feel just as passionate about our mission as we do. We hope they feel just as invested in these matters as we are.

Our partners are heroes.


If you are interested in becoming a partner through financial donations, support, or volunteering please email us!