From vision to action: Our Story

Community Strong is a Fredericksburg, Virginia local nonprofit. We officially incorporated in June of 2017, but our vision dates back to our early years of living in the Fredericksburg community.

We have always had a deep passion for being an addition to the many organizations, institutions, businesses, and community members who have committed themselves to building a stronger community here in Fredericksburg.

Our mission is to equip youth and adults with key resources necessary for thriving in the communities in which they live.

When creating Community Strong, we wanted to accomplish three objectives:

  • Create a quality organization
  • Offer relevant programs
  • Fill a service gap

After many months of training, collaboration, and planning we committed to building Community Strong in May of 2017 and incorporated in June of the same year.

We are honored to be a part of building a stronger community here in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area.