We believe in the youth in our community.


Consistent investment in their well being and future is a critical component of a strong community.

Our youth are the leaders of our future, and at Community Strong we work with them in that manner.

Our Youth Mentoring Program is designed to support our participants in three areas:

  • Filling support gaps
  • Building their resources
  • Equipping them with necessary key tools

Our hope is to support our youth in advancing in life successfully.

Let’s talk about mentoring


Our program is formatted in a one-to-one mentor/mentee relationship structure.

We bring on committed individuals to volunteer as mentors for our program.

  • Mentors receive three areas of training and benefits:
  1. Best practices of mentor/mentee relationships from the National Mentoring Partnership 
  2. Bridges out of Poverty framework
  3. Financial grant to directly apply to needs of mentee (Up to $250)

Our model creates a lot of capacity. The capacity needed to learn from the youth that participate in this program, to understand where they are at in life, and to empower them in the ways they need to advance in life.

Ultimately this model is designed to create lasting impact in the lives of our youth.

This program will support Fredericksburg City Public Schools (FCPS) for middle school and high school education age ranges. We plan to expand to private schools and surrounding counties in district 16 in the future.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee for our upcoming programs or would like more information, please email us!